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Iraq’s Invisible Beauty 2023

Latif Al Ani photographed Iraq before the wars. Today he travels his country in search of the people and places in his pictures, sharing them with Iraqis who no longer recognise the world he reveals.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Jurgen Buedts,Sahim Omar Kalifa

Riotsville, U.S.A. 2022

Welcome to Riotsville, a fictional town built by the US military. Using all archival footage, the film explores the militarization of the police and creates a counter-narrative to the nation's reaction to the uprisings of the late...

Category: Documentary

Stars: Charlene Modeste

6.8 IMDB Rating 72 Views
Norman Lear: 100 Years of Music & Laughter 2022

Honoring the life and legacy of the remarkable storyteller, activist and philanthropist Norman Lear; featuring an impressive lineup of celebrity guests and musical performances to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Category: Documentary, History

Stars: Norman Lear, Anthony Anderson, Jennifer Aniston

8.0 IMDB Rating 86 Views
Elizabeth Windsor 2022

Elizabeth Windsor tells the story of the girl who was never supposed to be Queen. Born the first daughter of 'the spare', the Duke of York, Princess Elizabeth's life was destined to be nothing more than a bit part in the privilege...

Category: Documentary

Stars: Charles Anson, Dickie Arbiter, King Charles III

6,5 IMDB Rating 68 Views
American Rapstar 2020

A new scene of troubled, lo-fi young rappers has emerged from Trump's America, utilizing the SoundCloud streaming platform to quickly become the most culturally disruptive force in hip hop, shocking the world with their rambunctio...

Category: Documentary, Music

6.0 IMDB Rating 57 Views
Super-Vilains: An Investigation 2023

Category: Documentary

Stars: Séverine Alexandre,Aleksi Briclot,Chris Claremont

Lancaster 2022

The Lancaster Bomber, synonymous with the Dambusters and night raids on Nazi Germany.

Category: Documentary

Stars: David Fairhead,Ant Palmer

7.7 IMDB Rating 234 Views
My Massive Cock 2022

Men with exceptionally large penises reveal how this has affected their lives, from the embarrassment of people staring and difficulties with clothing, to uncomfortable sex and even causing injuries to their partners.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Matt Barr, Julia Davis

5.3 IMDB Rating 815 Views
Clean 2022

A fly-on-the-wall insight into the world of trauma cleaning through the journey of larger-than-life business owner Sandra Pankhurst and the workers at Melbourne's Specialised Trauma Cleaning Services.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Sandra Pankhurst

8.4 IMDB Rating 245 Views
Pamela: A Love Story 2023

Follows the life of pop culture icon Pamela Anderson, including never-before-seen archival footage and personal journals.

Category: Biography, Documentary

Stars: Pamela Anderson

7.6 IMDB Rating 435 Views
Three Minutes: A Lengthening 2021

A snippet of 16mm film offers an emotionally charged, meditative glimpse into the lives of the unsuspecting Jewish citizens of a small Polish village at the precipice of World War II.

Category: Documentary, History, War

Stars: Helena Bonham Carter, Glenn Kurtz, Moszek Tuchendler

7.4 IMDB Rating 143 Views
Beyond The Wasteland 2022

Shot in Australia, USA, Italy, France, Germany, and Japan, Beyond the Wasteland follows the fans from around the world who go to extraordinary lengths in the name of Mad Max. Transporting us into the world of Mad Max, we explore t...

Category: Documentary

Stars: Bertrand Cadart, Jim 'The TANK' Dorsey, Yoshiaki Murata

6.6 IMDB Rating 376 Views
Untitled KSI Documentary 2023

Access inside KSI's life as he prepares for the biggest year of his career so far.

Category: Documentary

Stars: KSI, Mams Taylor, Jay Revell

The Golden State Killer: It’s Not Over 2018

The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over traces a serial killer that raped over fifty women and killed ten people. Over the years he traveled through Northern and Southern California as he escalated his crimes. We hear from survivor...

Category: Documentary

Stars: Paul Holes, Keith Komos, Mike Morford

6.9 IMDB Rating 309 Views
Beba 2021

A stunning self-portrait, tough, raw, stubborn, and powerful "Beba" stares down the curses of her ancestry, probing the psychic wounds she has inherited, while simultaneously embracing the vastness of her multitudes.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Rebeca Huntt

6.4 IMDB Rating 89 Views
Avatar: The Deep Dive — A Special Edition of 20/20 2022

An inside look at one of the most anticipated movie sequels ever with James Cameron and cast.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Kelley L. Carter

6.7 IMDB Rating 1,140 Views
Willow Behind the Magic

The story of “Willow” began when an aspiring sorcerer, played by Warwick Davis, is whisked away on a journey to protect an infant empress Elora Danan and vanquish the evil Queen Bavmorda from their world of Andowyne. Now, the story continues with Davis reprising his titular role as he leads an unlikely crew of heroes – which includes a now-grown Elora, who has just learned of her prodigious birthright – on a quest to protect Andowyne from an even larger foe than they had imagined possible.

Category: Documentary

Ted Bundy Mind Of A Monster 2019

Friends and family of some of Ted Bundy's victims speak for the first time. Also, exclusive and shocking audio archives from the serial killer offer an insight into his mind.

Category: Crime, Documentary

Stars: Ted Bundy, Bob Keppel, John Sandifer

7.2 IMDB Rating 138 Views
High Score 2020–

Traces the history of classic video games, featuring insights from the innovators who brought these worlds and characters to life.

Category: Documentary

7.1 IMDB Rating 4,725 Views
Det ska va gôtt å leva – En film om Galenskaparna After Shave 2022

Category: Documentary

Stars: Knut Agnred, Anders Eriksson, Claes Eriksson

7.7 IMDB Rating 185 Views