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Hell on Wheels 2011–2016

The Civil War is past, but former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon can't put it behind him. Fresh are the memories of the death of his wife, killed at the hands of the Union soldiers, an act that sets him on a course of revenge.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Robin McLeavy

8.3 IMDB Rating 43,779 Views
Hostile Territory 2022

In post-civil war America, when a Union soldier is presumed dead, his children are mistakenly sent away on the orphan train. This is a wild-west story of people uniting for the greater good, and children forced to grow up quickly.

Category: Drama, History, Western

Stars: Matt McCoy, Brea Bee, Brad Leland

4.6 IMDB Rating 308 Views
How the West Was Won / Familjen Macahan 1976–1979

The Macahans, a family from Virginia, headed by Zeb Macahan, travel across the country to pioneer a new land and a new home in the American West.

Category: Western

Stars: James Arness, Bruce Boxleitner, Kathryn Holcomb

8.3 IMDB Rating 3,069 Views
1923 2022–

The Duttons face a new set of challenges in the early 20th century, including the rise of Western expansion, Prohibition, and the Great Depression.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Brandon Sklenar

8.3 IMDB Rating 12,420 Views
Nybyggarna 1972

A Swedish immigrant family struggle to establish a new life for themselves in the forest of Minnesota in the mid 19th Century.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Eddie Axberg

8.0 IMDB Rating 111 Views
The Old Way 2023

An old gunslinger and his daughter must face the consequences of his past, when the son of a man he murdered years ago arrives to take his revenge.

Category: Action, Western

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Clint Howard, Abraham Benrubi

6.0 IMDB Rating 1,708 Views
Yellowstone 2018–

A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly

8.7 IMDB Rating 29,890 Views
Happy Hunting 2017

An alcoholic drifter must battle withdrawal and psychotic rednecks after he becomes the target of a deranged sporting event.

Category: Horror, Western

Stars: Martin Dingle Wall, Ken Lally, Kenny Wormald

5.1 IMDB Rating 3,240 Views
Hickok 2017

Legendary lawman and gunslinger, Wild Bill Hickok, is tasked with taming the wildest cow-town in the west. While delivering his own brand of frontier justice, the infamous gunfighter's reputation as the fastest draw in the west is...

Category: Western

Stars: Luke Hemsworth, Kris Kristofferson, Trace Adkins

4.7 IMDB Rating 5,643 Views
The Last Manhunt 2022

In 1909, amidst the dying old west, Willie Boy, a long distance Desert Runner by Chemehuevi tradition, falls in love with young native beauty, Carlota. Carlota's father, a Chemehuevi shaman and local tribal leader, refuses to let ...

Category: Western

Stars: Martin Sensmeier, Mainei Kinimaka, Zahn McClarnon

4,2 IMDB Rating 1,744 Views
The Flood 2020

When a woman's husband, daughter, land and innocence are ripped from her, she embarks on a brutal journey of retribution and revenge.

Category: Drama, History, Western

Stars: Alexis Lane, Shaka Cook, Dean Kyrwood

4.5 IMDB Rating 349 Views
Nevada Smith 1966

A half-American Indian and half-white teenager evolves into a hardened killer as he tracks down his parents' murderers.

Category: Western

Stars: Steve McQueen, Karl Malden, Brian Keith

6.9 IMDB Rating 171 Views
The English 2022–

Follows a woman as she seeks revenge on the man she sees as responsible for the death of her son.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer, Stephen Rea

8.4 IMDB Rating 3,572 Views
Renegade 2004

In 1870, after a brutal run-in with an outlaw in a brothel, Mike Blueberry becomes marshal in Arizona where he keeps the peace between whites and Apaches, but an influx of gold-hunters threatens to lead to violence.

Category: Adventure, Western

Stars: Vincent Cassel, Michael Madsen, Juliette Lewis

5.1 IMDB Rating 375 Views
Soldier Blue 1970

After a cavalry patrol is ambushed by the Cheyenne, the two survivors, a soldier and a woman, must reach the safety of the nearest fort.

Category: History, Western

Stars: Candice Bergen, Peter Strauss, Donald Pleasence

6.9 IMDB Rating 3,628 Views
Dead for a Dollar 2022

The film follows a famed bounty hunter who runs into his sworn enemy, a professional gambler and outlaw that he had sent to prison years before.

Category: Thriller, Western

Stars: Rachel Brosnahan, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz

5,9 IMDB Rating 1,217 Views
Stagecoach 1939

A simple stagecoach trip is complicated by the fact that Geronimo is on the warpath in the area. The passengers on the coach include a drunken doctor, two women, a bank manager who has taken off with his client's money, and the famous Ringo Kid, among others.

Category: Adventure, Western

Stars: Claire Trevor,John Wayne,Andy Devine,John Carradine

7.9 IMDB Rating 3,161 Views
City Slickers 1991

On the verge of turning 40, an unhappy Manhattan yuppie is roped into joining his two friends on a cattle drive in the southwest.

Category: Comedy, Western

Stars: Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Daniel Stern

6.8 IMDB Rating 292 Views
Murder at Yellowstone City 2022

A former slave arrives in Yellowstone City, Montana, a desolate former boomtown now on the decline, looking for a place to call home. On that same day, a local prospector discovers gold - and is murdered.

Category: Western

Stars: Isaiah Mustafa, Zach McGowan, Thomas Jane

5.0 IMDB Rating 815 Views
King of Texas 2002

In this adaptation of William Shakespeare's King Lear, self-made ranch tycoon John Lear divides his holdings amongst his daughters, but finds that once they have his property, they reject him.

Category: Drama, Western

Stars: Patrick Stewart, Marcia Gay Harden, Lauren Holly

6.4 IMDB Rating 338 Views